1. What is Monito tracker?

A: Monito tracker is a safety device custom designed and built to keep school going children safe and connected with their parents. It is a

     a. A GPS tracker 

     b. A controlled phone

     b. SOS Alert System

2. Does device have any buttons?

A: Monito does not have any screen. In front it has place for ID card and at back are 4 buttons. 

    a. Family numbers buttons - 1,2,3 for making and receiving calls from 3 family numbers as set by parents on tracking portal.

    b. SOS button - for making SOS call to the parents numbers set as SOS numbers on tracking portal.


3. How is tracker to be used ?

A: Tracker has been built to be used by school going children who spend considerable time away from home/parents. Recommended way of use is to keep it in a side pocket of school bag of child.

4. Does Monito tracker work across India?

A: Yes, Monito works like a phone technically. It will work with SIM card of any telecom provider. However the performance of tracker and location tracking will depend on coverage and signal strength of service provider. Therefore we recommend to choose a service provider which has better network and coverage in your target area of usage.

5. Should I opt for prepaid or postpaid plan?

A: It is entirely upto you.However prepaid would turn out to be more economical.

6. What are data network requirements for SIM card?

A: Tracker only works with 2G network. It needs GPRS to connect to tracking portal for location tracking and device settings. Approximate monhtly data requirement should be 30MB.

7. What is compatible size of SIM card?

A: It supports a standard size SIM card.

8. In case I go for a prepaid card, how do I know the remaining balance in the Phone Number?

A: As monito is not a regular phone and does not have regular keys and screen, it cannot be done while SIM in inside device. You can either take out SIM and put it in another phone and check balance or many service providers have mobile app which you can download and check the balance. 

8. How often do I need to charge Monito?

A: Monito’s battery is designed to last for from 24-48 hours depending on the GPS working period settings. We recommend you to charge every other day. It takes about 2.5 hours for full charge. 

9. Is Monito waterproof?

A: No, it is not waterproof.The Monito is also a phone and as all phones has a microphone and a speaker, it is not water proof. 

Hence care should be taken to keep it safe from water.