1. What is Monito?

A: Monito is a product custom designed and built to keep school going children safe and connected with their parents. Monito comes with

a. A GPS tracker phone for kids

b. Tracking portal for parents


2. How can I purchase Monito ?

A: Monito can be purchased online through our website www.themonito.com. 


3. Do I need to pay any monthly recurring charges beside the one time cost at time of buying ?

A: No, we don't charge any monthly recurring fee. All you have to pay is for the device. We offer tracking portal free of cost with every purchase of tracker

4. Who can use Monito ?

A: Monito is most useful for school going children in age of 4 - 12 years who spend significant time away from home/parents while they are in school or after school classes. Monito is an excellent substitute for a regular phone for growing up children who have need of a phone to stay connected with parents as it is a controlled phone which provided protected communication between parents and children.

5. What should I expect in the box when i receive it ?

A: The following should be in the box:

     a. Monito GPS tracker phone

     b. Charging USB cable

     c: Charger

     d: Pin & screws

     e. Lanyard

     e: Quick User guide

6. Whats is return policy?

A: We offer 10 days return policy. You can initiate a return till 10 days from the date of delivery of device. Please refer to Terms and conditions for details.

7. What is product warranty ?

A: We offer 1 year manufacturer's warranty for the tracker from date of purchase.Please refer to Terms & conditions for details.

8. How do I access tracking portal ?

A: You can access tracking portal through 2 ways

    1. Click on "tracking portal" tab in header on website .Tracking Portal

    2. Type this directly into your browser track.themonito.com

9.  How do I login to tracking portal ?

A: Tracking portal has restricted access to only customers who have bought the monito tracker. With your purchase, you would receive your login details for access to tracking portal.

10. What are mandatory steps for device set up and working ?

A: Following are mandatory set up steps to be completed for working of our product.

Tracker Device

Tracking Portal

1. Inserting a SIM card with balance on it.

1. Login using account details provided with purchase of tracker

2. Device is fully charged

2. Set up numbers under device settings

3. Device kept outside under open sky for the first time connection to tracking portal

3. Set up Family numbers under device settings



10. How do I reach out for support ?

A: You can ask for help in 3 ways

    1. Open a ticket from support page on our website. Open a helpdesk ticket

    2. Email us at support@themonito.com. Write an email

    3. Call at 09901034265 to speak to a customer care representative. Hours Mon- Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm